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Magic Carpet Slide

13nov08 001Fun for the little ones and all the kids at heart. Slip down the rainbow colored slide on your Magic Carpet. Does red make you go faster?


Safety Briefing:

No Restrictions Apply

  • Under 4 yrs (FREE) – Must ride with Paying Adult.
  • Over 4 yrs Need Ticket or Unlimited Pass.
  • All small children who ride must be accompanied by a Paying Adult.
  • Riders must keep their feet on the carpet at all times.
  • All riders must wear footwear on the Carpet Slide (thongs accepted).
  • Crocs are not advisable footwear for the Carpet Slide.
  • Riders must pay close attention to the Safety Instruction provided by the Ride Attendant.
  • For more information, please review the Ticketing Terms and Conditions.