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Water Slides


Doom Tube Water Slide

Fun for everyone. Mat recommended for the speed demons. Glide down the mountain under the dappled sunlight and collapse into a cool refreshing pool at the bottom. And then do it all over again!

Black Hole Water Slide

Plunge into pitch black darkness for several thrilling seconds and then emerge after a 360 degree underground loop before a gentle descent into the reception pool.






Safety Briefing:

  • The Water Slides operate in half hour sessions usually from 12.30pm, or 11am on busier days. Ride Attendants will explain  the safety briefing upon entry into the Water Slide area at the commencement of every session.
  • For those riding with small children, it is vital that they understand the reception pool is 3 ft deep and the water in this area can be turbulent. It is recommended that small children ride with Adults and may be held on the Adults lap on the Doom Tube without a mat.
  • Riders who participate in the Black Hole Water Slide MUST lie on their back on a mat before entering the Slide.
  • Adults who are not Riding on the Water Slides, are not permitted within the Water Slide area but are encouraged to use the viewing platform at the bottom of the Water Slides.
  • For more information, please view the Ticketing Terms and Conditions.

Cooler Months:

The Water Slides close at the end of April and reopen during the first week in September.