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  • Amazing. Loved every minute of it!! The guys were very helpful and friendly which makes it all the more enjoyable. Well done. Would highly recommend!


  • Brilliant activity to do to challenge yourself in a lovely setting.


  • Loved every minute of it! Will definitely be back. Great staff, always felt safe and its great you can be up there without supervision. Dan was great giving me a pep talk when I got a little hesitant on the final quick jump on thr red course. Cheers.


  • I think when it’s a group of young kids your site should recommend an earlier time to allow longer for the kids to manoeuvre through the course. We had a 2:30 booking and finished 2 courses by your closing time.


  • Fantastic course and staff were brilliant! Will definitely be back again in the future.


  • Hello Boys loved it


  • I enjoyed the Tree Climing!
  • Absolutely awesome experience. Was my first time swinging through trees and was the greatest adrenalin rush ever. Definitely looking at doing this sort of thing again


  • Had such a great time. The team were so friendly. Will definitely be back for more ๐Ÿ˜€


  • The ropes course was fantastic! The guys who run the course were really friendly and helpful. An amazing experience and one which I would have no problems recommending.
  • David Bauzon”
  • Great location, healthy food options, easy to book, well done for staying open an hour later on s busy day, tree climbing totally made the day


  • “Fantastic fun. The boys/staff were so helpful getting us started and accomodated us turning up at the time our session started. We hadn’t noticed on the website that you had to arrive 20 minutes earlier. It would be very useful to have that info appear on the booking confirmationssent. Iur climb was shortened because of this but we still managed to do 2 of the 3 courses.


  • We will recommend the climb to others and would love to come back.”
    Fantastic day out for the family.


  • Excellent fun! Challenging but still enjoyable ๐Ÿ˜Š


  • “The staff were very kind. I like the whole “”clip, lock, click”” mechanism, very safe.
  • Really impressed :)”


  • With the school holidays over, there’s plenty of time and space to do the course. The staff were helpful and friendly, I’m looking forward to doing to challenge again!


  • We had a fab tree climb staff were fantastic and encouraged the kids who were age 11 and 13
    It’s challenging to try and get through the 3 courses in the 1.5hrs, especially when caught behind slower participants. The only suggestion I would have is to increase the time allowance to 2hrs. Other than that, the course is awesome, the location spectacular and the staff very friendly!


  • Fabulous staff, great experience and the best $60 we’ve spent on our holidays!!
  • Fantastic really enjoyed the climbs. It was the first time for all of us and a great birthday present for our 10 year old nephew . Thank you Peter for your encouragement and assistance . We will be back.


  • Thank you,my two kids and I had a great time it was awesome,staff were great.