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The Challenge

Tree Climb Challenge is an adventure experience that offers something a little different. It will challenge you, scare you, amaze you and keep you wanting more. Climb to the top, Swing through the branches and Fly Over the park at exhilarating speeds on our flying foxes, while the rope bridges, high wires and wooden obstacles offer a more physical challenge.

Do you think you’re up for it? Are you game enough to conquer the Tree Climb Challenge?

The Courses are be suited to ages 10 Years and over, and meet a minimum height of 120cm, we will provide all the safety instructions and training on the day. You are requested to wear enclosed shoes, shorts or pants.

The 3 courses available will take about 1.5 hrs to complete, which includes the safety training. All participants are requested to arrive at least 20 mins prior to their booking.

It is an all weather attraction, so rain, hail or shine we will show you a memorable adventure.

 * It is not included in the Magic Mountain tickets, day or annuals pass price.