Our Story


Merimbula’s Magic Mountain was officially opened on the 26th of November, 1983.

Magic Mountain was the brain child of five local families.

Magic Mountain was always set to expand, the first stage commenced with two water slides “Black Hole” and “Doom Tube”. Also an administration building was constructed and a Melbourne Tram was converted to become a food outlet. During this time other small improvements were introduced as well including a playground and BBQ facilities. As Magic Mountain took shape the very passionate owners were keen to take it to the next stage.

We installed the Toboggan Run in 1985. This was imported from Germany and to this day is the most popular attraction in the park.

It was decided a concert type venue was needed in the area, so a bush style stage was constructed in the centre of the park attracting the likes of John Farnham, Aussie Crawl, Goanna, Mondo Rock and the Angels to name a few.

Many years later (2010) this stage was demolished, and a new state of the art performance stage was constructed in the centre of the park. This stage has hosted every year the free community carols by candlelight. Also we have seen Consentino and Justice Crew, Toni Childs and Jimmy Barnes.

The next addition which has been very popular was an eighteen hole mini golf course.

In 1986 saw the construction of the Kiosk food outlet and gift shop (named “Grannies”).

Life sized dinosaurs were purchased and set among the trees in the bush in the park and a tractor with decorated trailer took patrons on a “Triassic Park” experience which was exciting and enjoyed by all.

We managed to purchase the original “Arnotts Shoe House” which was proudly placed in the grounds complete with Granny in the window.

Stage 4 1989. Saw the purchase of Grand Prix racing cars. A large area was cleared and a bitumen road constructed complete with bumper rails.

A “Magic Forest Maze” was built, challenging patrons to find their was in and out of the challenging course (This maze was eventually demolished and a jumping castle has been put in its place).

Stage 5 1991.

Installation of the popular and colourful carpet slide. During all stages we kept working on the landscaping and painting to enhance the park and its additions.

Stage 6 1994. The installation of the Pinfari Zyklon z40 Roller Coaster.

This became known as “The Diamond Python” Fully imported from Italy it has given many thrills and excitement to patrons.

There have been many other improvements to bring energy and excitement to our patrons. Magic Mountain offers the best holiday entertainment on the coast.

In 2014 the exceptionally popular installation of the Tree Climb Challenge has yet again enhanced our business. The Tree Climb Challenge was imported from France and installed by their staff.

In 2016 we installed the “Tube Rider” this too was imported from Italy and members of their team came over for installation. This ride is a buzz and enjoyed by all ages. Again, gardens were created around the area to enhance the ride. Our dinosaurs, which have been moved since their original introduction four times, have found their new home in the grounds of the Tube Rider. A path has been created for people to view not only the Tuberider, but the dinosaurs as well.

The presentation of Magic Mountain has always been a high priority and maintenance of both the rides and the grounds have been of the highest standard thanks to the dedication of our staff

Two of the three families that are part of Magic Mountain have been here from the very beginning.

It has and will continue to be an exciting journey to maintain, upgrade and add to Magic Mountain.

The owner would like to thank sincerely our wonderful staff, both past and present for their dedication. Magic Mountain has received many outstanding awards and is recognised as one of the major attractions on the south coast of NSW.

Magic Mountain was sold to the Blyton Group in February 2018.