Red Racer Carpet Slide

Red Racer Carpet Slide Information

  • Fun for the little ones and all the kids at heart.
  • Slip down the Red Racer slide on your Magic Carpet.
  • A small ride with a big thrill, great ride for the young and the young at heart.

Height Requirement

  • There are no height or age requirements for this ride.

Safety Information

  • All riders must be wearing footwear.
  • All riders must be in dry clothes.
  • Any hats should be removed.
  • Riders must remain seated on the Mat whilst in motion.
  • Keep all arms and legs inside the Mat whilst in motion.
  • Ensure Feet are inside the Designated Pocket and that both hands are holding the Handles at all times whilst in motion.
  • This ride cannot operate whilst it is raining. Once the rain stops it will commence operation when possible.
  • Riders must pay close attention to the Safety Instructions and follow all Directions provided by Ride Attendants.

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